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I’m a journalist based in New York, where I’ve lived for just over three years. Before that I spent time in Dublin (where I was born) and Oxford (where, arguably, I grew up). I’m interested in politics and in culture on both sides of the Atlantic, and I write about literature, lifestyle and sometimes more esoteric matters. I blog about once a week. Please feel free to add to or disagree with anything you read here, as I  truly appreciate and am interested in your comments.

You can find more information about me, and a full list of my published articles, on my website. To contact me, send an email to: friedaklotz AT gmail DOT com (no spaces).

And in case you’re interested, a friend of mine did a little profile of me recently on her blog — in which I give advice!


3 Responses to “Portfolio & contact”
  1. John says:

    Hey Frieda your blog is really interesting. I live in Sicily where I am currently overhearing a couple of loud Sicilian women arguing about their card game! I’m Irish and also an ex pat. Would you like to exchange links on each others websites? Have a look and see if you want to recommend this:http://johnpbrady.com/ We could also exchange likes on fb!
    Thanks and have a good day!

    • Frieda says:

      Hi John,

      Many thanks for your message and apologies for my tardy reply. I have been “offline” recently when it comes to blogging, although doing a lot of other things. I like the look of your website. I’ll add it to my list.


      • John says:

        Hi Frieda,

        Many thanks for the add! I’ve also added your blog to both of my webpages;) I also enjoyed your piece on St Patrick’s Day for the Irish Times


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