Sale: 50% off selected puppies


Pooches like this one were going cheap

Today I was up in Yonkers, doing some research on a story on health-care for Irish immigrants. It’s a hard-to-get-to (from Brooklyn) part of New York state, beyond the Bronx, and Irish people have tended to congregate there in an enclave far from NYC. Please correct me if I’m wrong — and I know some bits of Yonkers are nicer than others — but it seems a godforsaken place.  The medical center I visited (Docs, 471 Central Park Avenue, not recommended!) was right on a highway, although tinted glass prevented drivers from peering in. An old couple bickered in the lobby, the woman who was obviously a smoker, coughing phlegmily — she wasn’t the one to see the doctor, though, her hunched little husband was.

When I left, to check out another medical center, I passed by a nearby shop named, “Exotic Pets,” and felt drawn in. Not for long. The smell of animals was pretty overwhelming.  I saw nothing exotic, unless you count squawking white parrots. Mostly, I saw lots of puppies, four to a cage. They were all types — furry, smooth haired, with snouty noses, wrinkled skin. Kitten were in cages right beside them, cleaning themselves blithely. The cutest inmates were the labradors: tiny pups, cream and black-coloured, just like in Andrex tissue ads. They looked like newborns.

I wanted to take them all home with me, but of course I couldn’t. Outside, I noticed that puppies with huge eyes, and kittens, were painted on the walls on either side of the shop. And I saw the saddest sign ever: “Sale: 50% off selected puppies and kittens.” The bigger ones, I bet.

(PS. I didn’t bring my camera to Yonkers. I stole the above pic from an intriguing UK blog)


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