New York Paddy’s Day pics

Irish Queers protesting outside Abercrombie & Fitch

St. Paddy’s day in New York was surprisingly calm, perhaps because I got to the parade early — and left early. The weather was gorgeous, hitting 60 degrees. At the parade, which runs along 5th Ave. between 44th and 86th Street, the most interesting people were the Irish Queers, who plan to bring a court case against the NYPD and Fire Department for discrimination. Gays can march with other groups, but are not allowed to be openly out at the parade, and activists say this is unfair because other marchers get institutional support.

It’s a way of forcing people into the closet. As Emmaia Gelman, a spokeswoman for Irish Queers, told me: “You can march as long as nobody knows your gay.”

It’s also odd because New York is so, well, gay.

The Irish Queers were friendly folk, so I hope the situation changes soon. The parade would be so much more fun if gays could march, not just protest.

Update: See my report in the Irish Times today.

Paul Rupey, from West Virginia: "I do something weird every year."

Green man. AKA Ryan Higgins, from Rochester. He got a lot of attention from ladies. Perhaps covering up is better than baring all?

The O'Donnell clan from Donegal. I bet they wouldn't be as sartorially daring in Ireland.

Wolfhounds are mascots of the Fighting 69th Brigade.

The solemnities begin.

These guys looked more like mafia to me than marchers.

A protester

Emmaia Gelman, a spokeswoman from Irish Queers

When the mayor et al. walked by, the Irish Queers shouted "Shame, shame, shame, shame."

This was a cute idea.

A feast of puns, not all of them successful

Irish Queers are soon to bring a court case against some City institutions.

Gays are allowed to march in Dublin's Paddy's Day parade.

One Response to “New York Paddy’s Day pics”
  1. J. F. Mulligan says:

    Thank you for your writing about the protest and posting the pictures.

    Your piece in the 18 March 2010 Irish Times stated “Many native Irish were among those marching and on the sidelines. Susan Rowland, a garda from Crumlin, said several hundred gardaí are in New York this week and the NYPD has welcomed them warmly…

    …Minister of State for Children Barry Andrews represented Ireland.”

    The Irish government and gardai should stop supporting this anti-gay parade.

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