Saturday stroll after the tornado

Tree cracked in two, Classon Ave.

I’d planned to leave my workplace around 5.45 last Thursday, but suddenly it began to thunder and lighten, the lights flickered, and sheets of rain hit the sidewalks outside. I waited, updating my facebook profile to say I was scared to go home, and receiving an instant response from a friend — ‘that was some fast and angry weather!’ And it was — within ten minutes it was over.

As I made my way out later that evening, evidence of the storm’s force was everywhere. On Classon Avenue, felled trees blocked the path; further on, I saw two cars scrunched by massive trunks.

When it became clear the bus would never come, I walked the extra eight blocks to the subway. I’d arranged to meet some friends who were visiting from London and I felt sheepish and melodramatic texting them, ‘My bus has not come following mini-tornado in Brooklyn …. Hope not to be too late.’ I would have added that life here usually isn’t quite this crazy, but it just seemed too much to explain in 160 characters.

It turned out that two tornadoes were at the heart of the storm, which whirled through Brooklyn and Queens and skipped Manhattan almost entirely. It was so violent that it deposited some horseshoe crabs miles inland close to Brooklyn’s Central library (I’m not sure if they survived the journey). I wasn’t as on the ball as the intrepid blogger who captured the crab-pic, but today I took my bike on a walk around Park Slope and then through Crown Heights. Life is back to normal but plenty of wreckage is still on the streets.

The worst car wreck that I saw

Playground on Dean St.

Vanderbilt Avenue

Felled on Quincey

Quincey St. again

Grafitti on Classon

Things more or less normal again

A bad scene

Where I waited in vain for the bus

Devastation on Classon

Back to normal -- a weekend party

Sad bikes

Surveying the mess

Baptist church, Quincey Street.

Who needs signage when you have grafitti?

2 Responses to “Saturday stroll after the tornado”
  1. omnivorish says:

    Sad bikes indeed. That’s horrifying! Glad you survived the storming.

  2. Frieda says:

    Yes, it was way worst than I thought!

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