Totally impressed

Perhaps I am the last person in the world to discover Martin Robbins at the Guardian. His spoof of BBC science writing is smart and true (perhaps — I don’t much read those science articles so I can’t say for certain), but an extra delight is the way the commentators rose up in a Mexican wave of meta-comments. I haven’t read all 689 of them, just the first page, and it is light-hearted enough to compensate for all the Comment-is-Free Guardian spleen that I’ve exposed myself to, as a reader, over the years.

Robbins’ follow-up piece is excellent too, and has some shiny nuggets of advice for any news journalist.

How old is this guy? He reminds me of Matt Damon. And looks disturbingly young to be so clever.

3 Responses to “Totally impressed”
  1. I’ve just turned 29, and I’m going to pin the Matt Damon quote on my wall! Glad you liked it 😉

  2. Frieda says:

    Hi Martin, thanks for the clarification re. age. 🙂 It hadn’t occurred to me you might actually spot my note about your work! I’m glad I said nice things.

    Genuinely, I really like what you have to say on the differences between journalism and blogging and on what makes good writing — it’s an interesting discussion, and I’ll keep following.

  3. queenofparks says:

    Very funny article. I esp like the inclusion of the rhino picture ‘because our search engine optimisation experts have determined that humans are incapable of reading more than 400 words without one’. And as you say it was lovely to see the creativity it inspired in the comments – not always the case.

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