New York at night (again)

350 Park Avenue

When I finished my work today, I wandered around Manhattan. It was rush hour, 5.30pm, so wandering wasn’t the most relaxing of activities. One woman hissed at me as I snapped a photo (‘Jesus!’) and at Grand Central Station as I paused to get my bearings, a passing man clicked his tongue. What of it! On another day, with a different deadline, that would be me. And who cares! (I say that with the appropriate measure of NYC self-involvement). My stroll helped to crystalise for me something that’s special, maybe unique, about New York — the light. And the lights. A city that’s grotty as hell in daylight becomes fantastical, romantic, imperial at night. Each window glitters as if representing a single soul (though I imagine there are far more people than windows here); the traffic lights add colour, and  the cars add more light still. This is what makes a place like Times Square bearable, when in truth it’s a Disnified dive.

My walk took me to Park Ave. by 51st Street, which counts as Mid-town but is much classier than the Times Square area, and separated from it by Bryant Park. The Waldorf-Astoria is there, and banks like JP Morgan-Chase. It’s a few swift New York strides from Grand Central Station. And a recommendation for you: there’s an Oyster Bar in the station; I haven’t visited it myself, but it is apparently an excellent city hideaway if you’re looking for a civilized place to drink.

The pics below give a record of my tracks. At Grand Central, I took the train home — to Brooklyn.

350 Park Ave -- detail

This guy shares his buggy with a chid.

As I took this photo a woman behind me hissed impatiently, 'Jesus!'

Even at the Waldorf you have to queue up for a cab

St. Bartholomew's Church. A sign outside reads, 'Why not try something different for lunch: Daily Eucharist @ 12.05pm'

There's something about the way they loom that is both creepy and exciting

Workers outside JP Morgan, taking down the US flag

Grand Central Station: not too bad for rush hour. A local's tip -- the Oyster Bar there is actually really nice

7 Responses to “New York at night (again)”

  2. Frieda says:

    London is just as beautiful — but colder. We’re having a strangely mild winter, for which I’m grateful.

  3. Padraig says:

    I wouldn’t say New York is that grotty, though maybe thats because I live in Dublin. Great photos as well

  4. Frieda says:

    Funny, I think it’s filthy here. I always want to wash my hands after being outside, and esp. after being on the subway. Dublin seems to me to be cleaner, but maybe it’s not anymore …

  5. claire says:

    HA, I used to work in that JPM bldg. Now i work down the street!

    • Frieda says:

      That’s funny! I remember meeting you for lunch in the area… But it was at the other building, I think. Lovely place to work!

  6. Brian says:

    I walk past that sign at St. Bart’s most mornings, although I must admit I’ve never been tempted to change my lunch plans.

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