A plague on all your houses

Protesting against education cuts in October. Image from Indymedia.ie

In our next guest post about Ireland’s economic meltdown, Phyl Herbert, a writer based in Dublin, offers some dark humour.

“On Tuesday on a television Prime Time programme Miriam O’Callaghan interviewing members of the political parties said, ‘Isn’t it a plague on all your houses?’ In a Vox Pop among commuters in the rush time traffic one young man who will only be eligible to vote in the next General Election said he wouldn’t be bothered using his vote as ‘the Establishment now is all messed up.’ On a late night radio current affairs programme, one well known journalist said ‘we have a disastrous ruling party in Fianna Fail and the opposition parties are weak.’

That just about sums up the way the Irish public see their government. Riots are expected if the forthcoming budget is not passed on the 7th December, and more riots are expected if the budget is passed.

There will be no Santa Clause in Ireland this Christmas and the youth of the country will be travelling elsewhere in search of presents.”

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