#1: Cycling home from Long Island City

(Following on my Friday resolution) When I moved to Queens a few months ago I was initially worried that my experience there wouldn’t match Brooklyn. At first Astoria seemed a tad pedestrian, lacking the uber-cool aesthetics of the other borough and Brooklyn’s old-style neighbourhood vibe. That soon changed. Not only did I realize that Astoria could be as friendly as Brooklyn, though it doesn’t have the same sort of community vibe; I also discovered it had unique charms of its own. One of the most thrilling things in Queens is the waterfront cycle, from where I live at 30th Avenue to Long Island City. You go along the river with Manhattan in the distance, under the Queensborough bridge and past some ominous looking chimneys. On Friday it was a bit cloudy in the morning, and then I was rushing home to get ready to go out for dinner later on, so I didn’t take many photos; but this one will give you an impression.


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