Occupy Wall Street, Weds eve after midnight

On Wednesday sometime very early in the morning police evicted the Occupy Wall Street group from Zuccotti Park. At around 10.30pm that evening I happened to be in the area and stopped by. The tents were gone but lots of people were there and the atmosphere was charged. I  went home to get my camera, returning just after midnight (note: a journalist/blogger should always have a camera with them so they don’t have to run home for it). There were fewer people but the crowd was still sizable, considering the late hour and the fact there was no place to sleep except for on bare concrete slabs and benches.

The cop in the main photo beckoned me over and I was worried he would confiscate my camera. But when I told him the pics were for personal consumption he was disappointed. “You mean I’m not going to be in some magazine?”

4 Responses to “Occupy Wall Street, Weds eve after midnight”
  1. kenan says:

    Great shots, Frieda. Glad you were there to catch them.

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