Going home?

I’ve recently moved (yes, AGAIN) to Astoria, Queens. A few days ago, when I left my building, I decided to ask a passerby whether the N train was running properly, since that would determine if I should take a right at the end of my street, or turn left and walk an extra 15 blocks. … Continue reading

Back in the big smoke

Following a long break, both from New York city and from this blog, I’m back! Back to work, back my apartment with its leaky ceilings, complicated housemates and weird little cat. I’m very grateful to the people who wrote guest posts for my blog series on Ireland — it was exciting to see so many … Continue reading

One small island

In the last guest post on the Irish economy, advocate Noreen Bowden takes us through the politicians’ faux pas and failings regarding one of the biggest problems facing a new generation — the need to emigrate — and asks why citizens abroad are still denied the vote. For more information on Noreen’s work with the diaspora … Continue reading

Ireland, the ruby isle

This penultimate guest post about Ireland’s economic meltdown features Stephen Tucker, from Roscommon, who blogs about style, etiquette and other things at Myopic Psychotic. Here he looks back at the history of the Celtic Tiger. “Ireland, fondly referred to as the Emerald Isle, may just as well be renamed the Ruby Isle, the nation very much in the … Continue reading

A plague on all your houses

In our next guest post about Ireland’s economic meltdown, Phyl Herbert, a writer based in Dublin, offers some dark humour. “On Tuesday on a television Prime Time programme Miriam O’Callaghan interviewing members of the political parties said, ‘Isn’t it a plague on all your houses?’ In a Vox Pop among commuters in the rush time … Continue reading

Leaving Ireland, but through choice

The third guest post in this series on what Irish people think about the country’s economic turmoil comes from Fionnuala Barrett (22), an undergraduate student from Dublin.  She plans to move to London after graduation next year. Her blog, about music, books, film, craft and other things, is called  Basil Exposition. “It’s one thing to … Continue reading

The big boys are in town

The second in a series of guest posts by Irish citizens about what they’re thinking in the economic crisis — this one is from Padraig McLoughlin (32), a scientist who lives in Dublin. “I started writing this piece a week ago last Sunday, and in the short time since, events have really overtaken it. During … Continue reading

Hobnobbing at the Consul’s residence

The Irish consul lives on the 52nd floor of a gorgeous apartment in Mid-town. I’ve been in a few nice Manhattan apartments, but this one takes the cake — a two-storey apt. with terrace views overlooking the city. It never rains when you’re there, as if the weather cooperates, and there’s little sense of the … Continue reading

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