Going west: A trip across America

I’m on the last leg of one of the most fantastic trips ever, a journey by train across America. I went from New York through New Orleans and Arizona and on to LA and then San Francisco. Along the way I’ve met: a cowboy, a go-go boy, and a Vietnam veteran and reformed Hell’s Angel, … Continue reading

Summer in Ireland

It’s been a long, slow summer, so long and slow that I feel as though I’ve slipped from view (from a digital perspective, my inactivity means that I have). Earlier this year I debated intensely with myself whether to stay in New York or not, and I reached a compromise: I would stay one year … Continue reading

Beautiful America

Sequestered in gritty New York, I often forget the clean, sheer vastness of what’s just beyond the city. I took these photos of the Hudson River this morning on the train to Poughkeepsie (MetroNorth rail: $37 return) – the first was just ten minutes after leaving Grand Central Station.

New York at night (again)

When I finished my work today, I wandered around Manhattan. It was rush hour, 5.30pm, so wandering wasn’t the most relaxing of activities. One woman hissed at me as I snapped a photo (‘Jesus!’) and at Grand Central Station as I paused to get my bearings, a passing man clicked his tongue. What of it! … Continue reading

Business travel: Bahrain

A few weeks back I had an opportunity to travel to Bahrain, a tiny kingdom off the coast of Saudi Arabia. As a freelancer, I take the gigs as they come, and this one, my second excursion into corporate writing, was unusual. Flights, accommodation and food were paid for, and my job was to write … Continue reading

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