#8, #9 & #10: New York

Okay okay — I’ve been remiss. Writing this from Ireland now, I have my last three “best things” about New York: 8. We all know that the US is a crazy place and New York is no exception. On the one hand you have police reprimanding a woman for sporting a short skirt while cycling, … Continue reading

Rally to restore sanity?

I arrived at Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity just as it started. It was huge, so thronged with people that we weren’t anywhere near speakers, and couldn’t hear a thing on the stage. The Guardian estimated that  250,000 people turned up but there may have been far more. I’m not yet sure what I think … Continue reading

Democrats in denial?

The Guardian last week showed a video titled, Democrats in denial. Gary Younge interviewed Democrats in Colorado working in lonely silent offices, who claimed they thought they could still win the Senate and the House. The video’s title says it all – that they don’t stand a chance. Yesterday, Bill Clinton was in town for … Continue reading

Sarah Palin [whatever]-gate

As a member of the ‘liberal elite’ eastcoast media, you would expect me to side against Sarah Palin in any argument. And let me be clear, although I’ve had phases of fascination with Ms. Palin (she is SO popular — what can we learn from that/her?) I do detest her politics. But I’m disappointed in … Continue reading

That hopey changey stuff

I couldn’t bear to watch the end of the healthcare debate last night. When I went to sleep at 11pm, it was still going on, and it continued to midnight. I couldn’t bear to check US newspapers this morning either, so I heard the good news from a more distant source, the BBC Today show. … Continue reading

Obama: beats January blues with lilac

More than a million people tuned in to the Whitehouse website to watch Obama’s State of the Union address tonight. The president was like a benign Santa Claus, doling out tax cuts to the middle class, and scolding naughty bankers (that’ll be coal for you guys!). Although I’m a true fan of Obama, I could … Continue reading

Brooklyn pays tribute to MLK

NEW YORK* — It’s astonishing to think that Martin Luther King was just 39 years old when he died. Had he not been shot by James Earl Ray in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1968, he would be 81 this year. Today is Martin Luther King day in the US, the only American public holiday dedicated to … Continue reading

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