Occupy Wall Street, Weds eve after midnight

On Wednesday sometime very early in the morning police evicted the Occupy Wall Street group from Zuccotti Park. At around 10.30pm that evening I happened to be in the area and stopped by. The tents were gone but lots of people were there and the atmosphere was charged. I  went home to get my camera, … Continue reading

One small island

In the last guest post on the Irish economy, advocate Noreen Bowden takes us through the politicians’ faux pas and failings regarding one of the biggest problems facing a new generation — the need to emigrate — and asks why citizens abroad are still denied the vote. For more information on Noreen’s work with the diaspora … Continue reading

Whither Ireland?

A few days ago I attended a meeting about how to resuscitate Ireland’s economy (not quite in those words). The people in the room were influential ex-pats and second generation Irish Americans, and one thing about them was striking: most of them were over sixty, and most of them were male. I was present as … Continue reading

Election aftermath

So the Democrats didn’t fare well in the election. That seems pretty clear. On the other hand, at least (for them) they still control the Senate … I spent Tuesday in the town of Peeksville in Westchester, campaigning on behalf of Democrat incumbent John Hall. Obama’s grassroots volunteer group, Organizing for America, paid for the … Continue reading

Beautiful but broke

DUBLIN — Ireland’s capital long ago earned the nickname, ‘Dirty Dublin,’ but its dirtiness this August seems metaphorical rather than actual. I took a cycle around the city today, pedalling from Rathmines to the Docklands to Rialto. The clear skies and a temperature of 17C (63F) passed for a heatwave, and I found the city … Continue reading

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