Love in Dublin

DUBLIN —  Ireland has a flourishing drinking scene, or ‘pub culture’ as it’s fondly known, but the concept of dating is as elusive here as a mystical dream. Yet single people do exist, and the notion that this odd American practice could be a good thing is gradually infiltrating our national psyche. Last weekend’s Sunday … Continue reading

Making the case for Mr. Alright

I’ve recently become entranced by a woman who is single-handedly redefining what women want — if we’re to believe reports. Lori Gottlieb’s neatly-timed pre-Valentine’s book “Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr Good Enough” is based on an article she wrote for the Atlantic two years ago. And yes, I was surprised, too, that … Continue reading

A quick "I told you so"

Not that you’re disagreeing with me, necessarily. DUBLIN — I ended my last post with a suggestion to “watch this space” — the particularly Irish space where scandals are brewing this winter holiday. Within four days, a new scandal had broken: the Mrs. Robinson liaison between the 59-year-old wife of Northern Ireland’s First Minister and … Continue reading

My Saturday night

How late is too late? Tonight I’d arranged to meet someone who claimed, via email, that he didn’t care if we met late or early. Oh, my literal mind. After a long day of work I faffed around, making food and fiddling with work-things before getting ready. I thought my pal would be okay if … Continue reading

Week in brief: former doms & feminists

The week’s real kick-off was on Wednesday at The Richardson in Williamsburg. There I met a friend who formerly (it turned out) worked as a dominatrix in the Dungeon of Mistress Jasmine in Manhattan — I’ll call her D. It’s funny because D. is so sweet — innocent and smiley, with short hair and a … Continue reading

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