#7: The sun, the sun!

This may seem obvious, but the sun, and the gorgeously warm summers, are one of the best things about NYC — and, of course, other parts of the US. Basically, in the summer it is hot, and this makes New York utterly different from the country in which I grew up. Ireland is famous for … Continue reading

Beautiful America

Sequestered in gritty New York, I often forget the clean, sheer vastness of what’s just beyond the city. I took these photos of the Hudson River this morning on the train to Poughkeepsie (MetroNorth rail: $37 return) – the first was just ten minutes after leaving Grand Central Station.

New York at night (again)

When I finished my work today, I wandered around Manhattan. It was rush hour, 5.30pm, so wandering wasn’t the most relaxing of activities. One woman hissed at me as I snapped a photo (‘Jesus!’) and at Grand Central Station as I paused to get my bearings, a passing man clicked his tongue. What of it! … Continue reading

Sites of the city

I’m a Brooklyn snob. I like to sip lattes in calm Brooklyn cafes, and I  hate going to Manhattan, with its crowds and noise. When visitors want to see Time Square I groan inwardly and sometimes outwardly. There are times, though, when I’m in Manhattan and I realize why people love it — the lights, … Continue reading

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